Subtitle: A true quest of a Czech dissident and atheist after the meaning of Life and Liberty through the thorns of KGB persecution, defection to the West and other adventures, miracles - such as an encounter with Jesus Christ in a near-death experience - the ensuing attempt to reconcile science and religion, and the joy from living His Law. Book Cover for 'Thorns of Joy' Click to Expand

In June 2000, my first book "Thorns of Joy" was published in the Czech republic (ISBN 80-86240-25-8 Czech printing).

Jan Kristofori

Jan Kristofori 3/23/2004 A renowned artist and dissident, Jan Kristofori, who passed away in March 2004, enhanced the Czech original with his custom illustrations.

Jan was a great human being. We all miss his boundless creativity, boyish humor, unostentatious courage, uncommon generosity, quiet faith and loyal friendship. No doubt the angels now have the honor of watching beauty flow from under his hands. By the power of his genius, Jan turned the ten years of suffering in some of the worst communist death camps, i.e., the uranium mines of Jáchymov, into sublime and moving expressions of human dignity in his paintings and sculptures.

The Flowers Smell Sweet Over The Iron Curtain

Book is available in Czech or English, with/out illustrations, in Word or Corel/WP/pdf format: Hardcopy ($17.50), ebook ($4.50) or on a CD ($9.50); S&H included. PayPal is the secure payment processor.

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Thorns of Joy
Thorns of Joy
Thorns of Joy
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Reader's comments:
"One's passion for love, truth and freedom becomes more pronounced in direct proportion to the deprivation of these pillars of human existence..."
Reed Winterton, Corporate Counsel, April 2004
"Originally written in Czech, "Thorns of Joy" is a book about freedom-personal freedom from the hostility and tyranny of the crushing state machinery that drives men to rise up with courage and demand the dignity that God intended for them..."
Clarke Doxey, linguist, June 2004
"After the first reading of this perceptive, sensitive, and sometimes almost brutally honest book, I realized that I have to publish it..."
Václav Chvál, publisher, June 2000 Library of Jan Drda;